Mekong Ports & Landings
Laos presents 18 ports and landing on The Mekong, each immersed in culture and history. Explore them on a multiday cruise, local boat, or kayak. Or, relax onshore and watch the world float by.


Upper Mekong Ports & Landings: Cruise into a hive of untapped nature, culture, and heritage along the Upper Mekong. Visit ports that once boomed as ancient trade hubs. Immerse yourself in Mekong riverside lifestyle. The Mekong opens the door to an authentic Lao experience.To meet the Upper Mekong Ports & Landings, click here.

Central Mekong Ports & Landings: Pop into Central Mekong ports and tap into great experiences. Soak in Vientiane Capital’s lively yet relaxing scene. Feel the presence of French colonial times in Thakaek and Savannakhet. Head up a Mekong tributary in Bolikhamxay.To meet the Central Mekong Ports & Landings, click here.

Lower Mekong Ports & Landings: Picture yourself as a 19th-century explorer, and embark on a Southern Laos cruise through the 4,000 Islands. See France’s industrial-age ingenuity to navigate rough waters, and explore a pre-Angkor civilization. Or simply relax on shore.To meet the Central Mekong Ports & Landings, click here.

Meet The Mighty Mekong

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